Textile Design, Fine Art / Fiber Art

UMass Dartmouth BFA 2019

Through my work I would like to explore the nature of the unseen world as well as the human desire for touch. By linking these two concepts together my intention is to get the viewer thinking about their relationship to art and interior space. Interior and art has traditionally been seen as two individual concepts. However, this outlook takes away from the truth that function and art have been linked for thousands of years.

I intend to blur the line between art and interior through a space that is welcoming as well as uncanny. Through use of felting, needle punching, sewing, papercasting, and light this multimedia space is one that is interconnected. It is made with each element in mind, making a space that functions as a single organism.

The concept of a single organism can also relate to human relationships. We are made up of billions of tiny working parts, as well as our environment. We are all interconnected. This alien-like but familiar interior embodies this relationship.

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one organism p.1
one organism p.2
one organism p.3
one organism p.4
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